Maximum Services LLC is a full service home remodeling company in Houston that specializes in residential construction and renovations. We give each customer the most for their dollar in remodeling services. We are licensed, insured, and talented. You won’t find a better renovation team in Houston.

In today’s DIY era, it can be tempting to try and save a few dollars by attempting projects yourself or with the help of the local handyman. Unless you are simply patching a hole in the wall or installing a cieling fan, opting for a licensed, professional is in your best interest.

When your home was originally built, the electrical service fuse box or circuit breaker panel was probably adequate. However... as electrical code requirements change and electrical demands for your home increase, often an upgrade of the electrical service panel is necessary.

Maximum Services LLC specializes in electric fuse box and circuit breaker panel replacements, as well as entire electrical service replacements such as upgrading from a 100 amp electrical service to a 200 Amp electrical service.

Improvements and upgrades of the lighting around your home can be the single most important home improvement investment that you make. Additional and upgraded lighting can literally transform a dark and uninviting room in your home into a bright, warm, and appealing place where people feel at home.

Ceiling fans can be an excellent improvement to almost any room in your home. During the hot months of the summertime, a ceiling fan can make a warm, stuffy room feel cool and comfortable.

Ceiling fans are not only a practical improvement to your home, but they are also very attractive. Ceiling fans lower the cost of heating and cooling a house because they keep the air in the house moving. Call the pros at Maximum Services LLC for a free price quote of adding a ceiling fan to any space in your home.

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Maximum Services LLC is a full service contracting company. We focus on Commercial and Residential projects. Located in Houston Texas we are licensed to work in many places within the United States.


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